Welcome to the Green World Project

The Green World Project forms a foundation for building a better, greener and environmental-friendly planet.

Business Model

The Green World Project’s Ecosystem is the foundation on which the idea of a Green future comes to a realization. The first part of the GWP Ecosystem is the GWP blockchain, a uniquely self-developed blockchain containing data ranging from Energy metadata to data implemented from the partners of GWP. The second part is the GWP Energy Platform, which consists of any renewable energy (Green) power plant(s), providing Green energy to GWP partners. The third part is the Digital Platform, on which projects can be listed who seek funding to complete their ‘Green’ goals

Our Vision

The Green World Project’s ultimate goal is to support the environment in the following ways: to provide renewable energy, to support substitutes for fossil resources, to raise awareness about environmental issues, and to further those goals by helping to fund green and global health improving (research) projects.
Used as a payment method, the GWP token enables “green” transactions (low/zero emissions), supporting projects that perform research, and projects that offer “green” products and services.

Our goals

  • Saving planet earth

  • Reducing pollution worldwide

  • Provide environmental-friendly products

  • Growing the community

  • Become a well-known player in the green sector

  • Help others fund their projects


We are developing the next gen green energy blockchain platform.

The Green World Project will feature its very own blockchain. This feature will provide transparency for GWP partners who list their (future) deliverables on the GWP blockchain. This transparency helps to prove that the funding is spent, delivering real benefits as promised.

Green Marketplace

Buy environmental-friendly products with GWP Token


With the Green World Project platform, you can now fund your own project or green product.

Apply now. It’s 100% free to use.

Exchange Listings

How to buy GWP Token

The Green World Project Token is more and more adopted by investors and our growing community. Stay up to date for new exchange listings.

Contact and Community

Feel free to contact us. We are here for you on all social media channels. You also can reach us via mail.