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CoRenewal’s Mission

CoRenewal (formerly known as Amazon MycoRenewal Project) is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and research in ecosystem restoration, health and healing, and sustainable community dynamics. CoRenewal is organized exclusively to conduct these activities: facilitate research, development, and implementation of solutions supporting ecosystem resilience; evaluate and ameliorate the impacts of environmental quality on individual and community health; engage in education, career-building, and research-oriented programs pertaining to ecology and sustainable community development.


CoRenewal strives to fulfill its mission by assembling a team of experts in community development and bioremediation, the nature-based solutions to human-caused pollution. These experts work closely with communities and local governments to design, implement, and monitor sustainable projects. We empower communities with educational workshops. We facilitate partnerships between diverse groups and support self-organization so that communities can implement their own solutions that will bring local economic, social, and health benefits. 

Among CoRenewal’s strengths are its dedicated team of volunteers.  We have had over 86 people from 10 countries participate in our activities. These include scientists who have extensive knowledge of nature-based remediation technologies and their manufacturers, as well as an on-the-ground outreach team.

Your Purchase or Donation helps CoRenewal:

  • Research fungal and bacterial communities capable of bio-degrading petroleum and rehabilitating petroleum-contaminated landscapes
  • Investigate the use of mycorrhizal fungal spores to promote regeneration in post-fire landscapes
  • Research how mycorrhizal fungi can be applied to improve the restoration of degraded and heavy metal contaminated agricultural soils
  • Create more educational opportunities and build a network of mutual support for ecological projects
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